Listed below is additional information regarding the ordering process. 

Stock Photography Library

Our library changes frequently and will be updated several times per year.

Although it mainly covers the landscapes of Northumberland, County Durham & Tyne & Wear, there are extensive sections on severe weather, storm chasing, and travel subjects. Other areas of the UK are increasingly being covered so please keep checking for updates.

If you do not find the subject you are searching for please give us a call and we will be happy to advise you of any additional images that may be available, or help you with your search.

All of the images on this website with the exception of some of those in the Gallery section are available for licensing at cost effective rates.

Images are normally supplied via Dropbox or WeTransfer as un-sharpened high-resolution digital files, typically 50-100MB in size. 

For library and licensing enquiries, please take a little time to complete the Request A Quote form and we will contact you as soon as we collect your e-mail. Stock enquiries are normally answered within 36 hours.

Images delivered on disc or USB will be accompanied by a Delivery note containing our terms and conditions and details of the license granted for the images you have purchased.

When images are delivered electronically a copy of this delivery note will accompany the images and the invoice.

 Please note that when you purchase a license for reproduction full copyright remains with Roger Coulam.

Roger does not sell royalty free images and does not work for credit.